Alumni (National Fellow)

Niki Hemmer

National Fellow
M.A. Columbia University in the City of New York
M.Phil. Columbia University in the City of New York
B.A. Marian University (2001)
Ph.D. Columbia University in the City of New York (2009)
Professional Sectors:
Dream Mentor:
Silvio Waisbord
George Washington Univ.
Fields of Interest:
Media and The Press
Social Issues


Nicole Hemmer is an associate research scholar with the Obama Presidency Oral History Project at INCITE (the Interdisciplinary Center for Innovative Theory and Empirics) at Columbia University. Prior to joining INCITE, she was an assistant professor in Presidential Studies at UVA’s Miller Center in the Presidential Recordings Program, transcribing and analyzing White House tapes from the Johnson and Nixon presidencies. Hemmer’s work as a historian bridges the divide between academia and the public. She has written about politics and history for the New York Times, the Atlantic, the New Republic, and the Washington Post, and is a columnist for Vox Media, Inc. and Fairfax Media in Australia. Hemmer’s book, “Messengers of the Right, A History of Conservative Media,” was published by Penn Press in August 2016, and her second book, “Pitchfork Politics,” will be published by Basic Books. She co-hosts and produces the popular history podcast, Past Present, as well as the podcast A12: The Story of Charlottesville, and is the editor and co-founder of Made By History, the historical analysis section of the Washington Post. Since completing her National Fellowship at the Miller Center in 2009, Hemmer has taught U.S. political history at Manchester University and the University of Miami. She was also awarded a postdoctoral fellowship at the U.S. Studies Centre at the University of Sydney in 2011-12, and in 2019 was a visiting fellow at the Center for C-SPAN Scholarship & Engagement at Purdue University. Hemmer continues building a career as a scholar who, through writing, broadcasting, and research, brings historical insights to contemporary debates about American politics and culture.

Thesis Description:

Messengers of the Right: Media and Modern American Conservatism

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