Alumni (Fellow)

Mike Hague

Jefferson Arts and Sciences Dissertation Year Fellow
Bradford, New Hampshire
B.A. Whitman College (2009)
M.S. San Francisco State University (2013)
Ph.D. University of Virginia (2018)
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences


Michael Hague is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Cooper Lab at the University of Montana studying coevolution between mosquitoes and bacteria that reduce transmission of dengue fever. During his Ph.D. in the Biology Department at U.Va., Mike studied coevolution in the arms race between garter snake predators and their toxic prey, Pacific newts. His dissertation research in Butch Brodie’s lab is published in the journals Evolution and Ecology, Evolution, and Evolution Letters. As part of his research, Michael also worked in the lab with Josh Eiland, an undergraduate Jefferson Scholar, to develop genetic markers that identify cryptic species of salamander in California. Mike received his B.A. in biology and environmental studies from Whitman College and his M.S in ecology, evolution, and conservation biology from San Francisco State University.

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