Kevin Pelphrey's portrait

Kevin Pelphrey

Harrison-Wood Jefferson Scholars Foundation Distinguished Professor
B.S. North Carolina State University
Ph.D. University of North Carolina
Duke University


Using a unique combination of genetics, brain imaging, and behavioral development, Kevin Pelphrey aims to identify the biological markers for autism and, in turn, develop tools to detect and treat individuals on the autism spectrum more effectively. Pelphrey also hopes to explain how, and why, autism manifests differently in the brains of boys and girls. As the principal investigator of ACE (Autism Center of Excellence) at UVA, he brings together experts from across the country to better understand why boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with the condition. In 2022, the National Institutes of Health awarded ACE a grant to prevent late diagnosis and misdiagnosis in adolescents and adults and to help improve autism treatment.