Daniel Fishkin

Newman Family Jefferson Fellow
B.A. Bard College (2009)
M.A. Wesleyan University (2015)
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences


Daniel’s dissertation, “Dark Listening,” explores the aesthetics of hearing damage through distinct creative and critical work in parallel. The scholarly component of the research unites recent publications in the nascent but salient field of Disability Studies in Music, bringing forth the symptom of tinnitus as a complementary yet distinct counterpart to the well-established corpus of literature surrounding Deaf music-making. The focal point of the creative research involves a room-sized, long-string instrument that Daniel invented, called the Lady’s Harp. This instrument is the platform for an ongoing series of sound installations Daniel pioneered since 2011 called Composing the Tinnitus Suites, as well as compositions for more traditional instruments such as the viola da gamba. Finally, the research is grounded in hands-on study of the American craft movement, in order to provide an object-oriented platform for discussing the pioneering electronic soundmakers of Experimental Music in the United States.

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