Vijay Edupuganti, JS '18, and Alicia Nobles, JF '17, selected as recipients of Double Hoo Research Grants

April 27, 2016

The Center for Undergraduate Excellence at U.Va. has announced this year’s recipients of the Double Hoo Research Grants. Designed to foster collaboration between undergraduate and graduate students, the grants provide $6,000 for joint research projects. This year two members of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation community were selected as recipients, Vijay Edupuganti, JS ‘18, and Alicia Nobles, JF ‘17.

Vijay, a computer science major, will partner with graduate history student Leif Fredrickson to research urban lead poisoning from automobiles, lead paint and other sources, using Baltimore as a case study. Alicia, a systems and information engineering Ph.D. candidate, will partner with undergraduate student Brett Curtis to research and advance health policies in areas of women’s health, mental health and accessibility to health care.

Read about this year’s recipients here.