Allison Xu, JS '16, reflects on her time at U.Va. and her experience working for The Cavalier Daily

May 4, 2016

Allison Xu, JS ‘16, has demonstrated leadership across multiple areas at the University over the last four years. She served as the treasurer for TEDxUVA, a support officer and advisor on the Honor Committee, a first year judge on the University Judiciary Committee, and a volunteer for Madison House. She also made the dean’s list and was an Echols Scholar. And yet somehow she still found the time to spend seven semesters on the staff of The Cavalier Daily. As CFO of the newspaper, she never actually reported a story or wrote an article–until now. In her first and last article for the paper, Allison reflects on her time at U.Va. and on the impact that her experience at The Cavalier Daily has had on her. Read Allison’s article here.