Jefferson And National Fellows Incoming Cohort

In 2022-23, the Jefferson Scholars Foundation selected 35 world-class graduate students to receive one of two fellowships–the Jefferson Fellowship and the National Fellowship.

Thirty-two Jefferson Fellows and three National Fellows representing 41 universities will join the Foundation community this fall.

Jefferson Fellowship Recipients

The Jefferson Fellowship is the premier graduate fellowship offered at the Darden School of Business, the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, and the Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Science.

  • Kathryn BabineauGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (Sociology)
  • Diego BrionesGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (Economics)
  • Frederik BrondstedGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (Chemistry)
  • Wesley BrownDarden School of Business
  • Johanna ChajesGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (Psychology)
  • Veronica CollinsDarden School of Business
  • Emma CookGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (Chemistry)
  • Cam CopelandDarden School of Business
  • Jason EvansGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (Religious Studies)
  • Kayleigh GranvilleGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (Environmental Sciences)
  • Elizabeth HarperGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (French)
  • Alice KingGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (History)
  • Ekim KocaSchool of Engineering and Applied Science (Systems and Information Engineering)
  • Cherrie KwokGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (English)
  • Lauren MandavilleDarden School of Business
  • Ellie MarshDarden School of Business
  • Matthew MartelloGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (English)
  • Keegan McBrideDarden School of Business (Darden)
  • Lauren MehfoudGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (Spanish, Italian and Portuguese)
  • Jirayu MongkolkiattichaiGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (Physics)
  • Meghan O’DonoghueGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (French)
  • Hannah RichsteinGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (Astronomy)
  • Chris RobinsonGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (Biology)
  • Sean SawayaSchool of Engineering and Applied Science (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
  • Yaolong ShenGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (Mathematics)
  • Marina StamDarden School of Business
  • Justin StecGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (English)
  • Drew ThedeSchool of Engineering and Applied Science (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Tracey WangGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (English)
  • Kate Hughes WatkinsDarden School of Business
  • Lingyu YangGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (Physics)
  • Eben YonnettiGraduate School of Arts & Sciences (Religious Studies)

National Fellowship Recipients

The National Fellowship supports outstanding scholars at leading institutions of higher education, including UVA, who are completing dissertations in U.S. politics.

  • William Robert Billups, Emory University
    Dream Mentor: Matt Dallek, George Washington University
  • Syrus Solo JinUniversity of Chicago
    Dream Mentor: Gregg Brazinsky, George Washington University
  • Sam SchirvarUniversity of Pennsylvania
    Dream Mentor: Andrew Needham, New York University