Faith Lyons, JS '16, helps to build consensus among the student body in her role as Honor Committee Chair

February 8, 2016

As Chair of U.Va.’s Honor Committee, Faith Lyons, JS ‘16, oversees the twenty-seven member committee of students that is ultimately responsible for the maintenance, administration, and enforcement of the University’s long-standing Honor System. From February 19 to 25, Faith and her fellow Honor Committee members will invite the entire student body to vote on two proposals, both of which could change how the Honor Committee responds to student opinions and how students are punished for honor violations. To learn more about the items students will be able to vote on, click here. To read an opinon piece written by Faith and fellow committee members, Caroline Herre and Russell Bogue, both JS ‘16, click here.



The Jefferson Scholarship is the premier undergraduate scholarship at the University of Virginia. Scholars are selected through a rigorous selection process that is based on exceptional performance in the areas of leadership, scholarship and citizenship.

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The Jefferson Scholars Foundation, like its namesake, knows that virtue and talent come from all walks of life. Indeed it is this knowledge that drives the Foundation to search the world over for its recipients.

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The Jefferson Fellowship is the premier graduate fellowship offered at the University of Virginia. Based solely on merit, the Fellowship seeks to attract Ph.D. and M.B.A. candidates.

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