Kevin Angstadt

Olive B. and Franklin C. Mac Krell Jefferson Fellow
Class: 2019
Hometown: Latham, New York
B.S. St. Lawrence University (2014)
M.C.S. University of Virginia (2016)

Kevin is a second year graduate student in the Department of Computer Science and a research assistant at the Center for Automata Processing working with professors Kevin Skadron and Westley Weimer. In April 2016, he successfully defended his Masters of Computer Science project presentation and passed the Ph.D. qualifying exam.

His current primary research interest is programming models for emerging hardware technology. Recent advances in hardware design have resulted in dramatic reductions in processing times for applications in diverse areas, such as data-mining, machine learning, and bioinformatics. Traditional programming methods do not always work well with this new technology, and Kevin’s research aims to develop new paradigms that allow researchers to quickly and efficiently harness this additional computational power. In April 2016, he presented a paper at ASPLOS, a leading conference on programming languages and computer architecture, introducing a new programming language for accelerating pattern searches.

Kevin also collaborates with colleagues at several universities and experts in industry on research aimed at improving the software resiliency of autonomous vehicles. He is interested in automatically detecting and fixing problems that occur in the software controlling these platforms. Kevin was a co-author on a recently accepted short paper, which described a possible software attack on commodity drones and presented a system architecture for automatically detecting and mitigating this threat.

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