Alumni (Fellow)

Adam Fallon

Laura S. Bailey Jefferson Fellow
Class: 2017
Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
B.A. University of Oklahoma (2012) B.S. (2012)

The focus of Adam’s research is on the interaction of light and matter. In particular, he is interested in the response of atoms to an oscillating electric field. Precise measurements of this response has the potential to help with corrections for atomic clocks and can serve as a benchmark of theory as well as a check for various theoretical calculational methods. Over the past year, Adam has presented on a recent high-precision measurement of a tune-out wavelength in rubidium twice here at UVa and once at the Division of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics’ annual meeting in Providence, Rhode Island. The talks at UVa consisted of an Atomic Physics Seminar in the Physics Department and an oral presentation at the 2016 Huskey Research Exhibition, where he won first place in the ‘Detection and Resolution’ session. A paper detailing the theoretical groundwork and feasibility of the next stage of Adam’s research was selected for publication in a special issue of ‘Atoms’ focusing on atom interferometry. This research will use new methods to extract information about atomic structure that has never been measured directly and in many cases, is difficult to calculate. These measurements will serve as a useful theoretical benchmark that should help reduce theoretical uncertainties in a number of atomic physics experiments, such as, next generation atomic clocks and atomic parity violation.

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